The MV Sea Patris called Malta on 29th July, 2017 from Derince, delivering 28 new buses for Malta Public Transport. These new buses were added to MPT’s fleet and were put straight into service.

These buses are fully air-conditioned, fully low floor, accessible to all passengers, environmentally friendly with Euro 6 engines and low emissions – and equipped with all the latest safety technology.

The new buses arrived on MV Sea Patris, which forms part of Mediterranean Car-Carrier Lines (MCCL) specialised fleet.  MCCL is one of our major Principal’s, representing them since 2009. MCCL fleet is exclusively specialised in the sea transportation of vehicles and rolling materials and consists of pure car-carrier and Ro-Ro vessels.


Malta Public Transport Buses


Malta Public Transport

What We Did

28 new buses from Turkey to Malta onboard the MV Sea Patris.