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We move cargo from any origin to any destination

Sullivan Maritime Ltd has a vast experience in handling the movement of various types of cargo from any origin to any destination. We assist in the shipping of thousands of cargo per year, specialising in bookings and loading / discharging co-ordination of:

  • Roro Cargo: Heavyplant machinery, Machinery on tracks, Trucks and Trailers, Vehicles and Boats.
  • Unitised Cargo: Comprising both standard containers as well as special equipment.
  • Conventional Cargo: Including pallets, iron, steel, drums, reels and boxes in limited quantity as well as bulk.

Sullivan Maritime offer a reliable service in the collection from ‘Ex works’ to door delivery services. A container is booked and we will do all the rest; including packing and vanning at the port of loading, customs and port formalities, haulage to/from port and devanning. We will ensure that these operations run smoothly, and in the shortest time frame possible.

Solutions for the import or export of hazardous materials, such as oil, gas, fuel, and chemicals through any transport mode can be arranged.

All cargo movements are tracked with a specialised documentation system, which is supported at all load ports. Expertise can be offered on cargo moving under documentary credit.

Sullivan Maritime have accumulated vast experience in conventional cargo and can provide guidance in all procedures relating to; marking, packing, ensuring smooth loading and/or discharging operations. Through our professional yet personal approach we can ensure peace of mind and reliability, backed by years of experience in the shipping sector.




An easy to use online system that streamlines the process of booking vehicles onto cargo voyages.

Clients are able to manage their trailer fleet online and make bookings on scheduled cargo voyages. A full audit trail is maintained and bookings can be made via any device. We can manage the shipping schedule, review, edit and approve bookings. All official documentation is produced for the vessel and port authorities.

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