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4th Annual Grimaldi Group Summer Event 2022

Mr. Karl Sullivan, Director of Sullivan maritime opened the evening with a brief welcome to all distinguished guests to the annual Grimaldi Group summer event in Malta held at the Hilton Quarterdeck, on behalf of Mr. Ernest Sullivan, Managing Director of Malta Motorways of the Sea and Sullivan Maritime Ltd. who could not be present. This has been the first event post pandemic missing out for 2020 and 2021. The event was attended by His Excellency the Italian Ambassador Dr. Fabrizio Romano, Dr. Eugenio Grimaldi, the port authorities as well as representatives of the business community and clients. In his brief address, Mr. Karl Sullivan touched upon the long-standing business relationship of the Grimaldi and Sullivan families spanning 6 decades, a success story with a bright future.

He was followed by the next speaker for the evening, Dr. Marthese Portelli, Chief Executive Office, The Malta Chamber of Commerce. She proceeded to explain the long-standing association with Grimaldi Group who is a Bronze Collaborator of the Malta Chamber. She pointed out factors that are currently adversely affecting the maritime transportation sector and highlighted Grimaldi’s forward thinking and planning initiatives which were going a great way to address these issues. Also mentioning the recent christening of the Eco Malta, Grimaldi’s latest acquisition of a state-of-the-art vessel in view of investment planned with sustainability. She closed her address highlighting the insularity of Malta and the vitality of maritime connections stressing the importance of Grimaldi as a service operator on this lifeline.

An intervention by Mr. Francesco Mastropaolo, Senior Executive of Grimaldi Group, Naples ensued. He stated that he was glad to be back with his Maltese friends after a forced absence of 2 years due to the pandemic. Even during this challenging time, the Line saw a growth of over 15% compared to 2018 and he thanked the clients for their support to achieve this. This growth was experienced on all trade lines, and he mentioned some interesting facts on the Salerno – Malta, Ravenna – Malta exceeding 100% growth and Brindisi – Malta in the region of 670%! He reported that Grimaldi Group employs over 130 roro vessels thereby taking its place as a world leader. This compliment permits excellent connections throughout the Mediterranean, to the ports in the Baltic, West Africa, and the Americas. These connections are available to the Maltese operators.

We recently learnt that some think tanks are theorising the new concept of human satisfaction as an appropriate purpose for corporations, enlarging the traditional customer and stakeholder satisfaction, to include also emotional wellbeing of people and ethical aspects from social justice to environmental sustainability. In this philosophical stream, big companies should aim at becoming a positive pillar of circular growth of the countries where they operate. They should function as friends of their surroundings.

Dr Eugenio Grimaldi

The highlight of the evening was the speech given by Dr. Eugenio Grimaldi, Executive Manager of the Grimaldi Group. Having had the opportunity to address the business platform earlier on during the memorable event of the christening of the mv Eco Malta in Valletta, he shared his enthusiasm and appreciation for the friendship and support that Grimaldi Group received from the Maltese clients. He stressed that it is this very support that encourages the group to invest further in the modernisation and renewal of the fleet and in the acquisition of terminals and innovative technology. Technology has been a major driving force leading to innovation which is the way to go for the future addressing all aspects of fuel economy, reduction of emissions, regulated consumption, additional space, and control of costs, this is the only future for sustainability.

After a brief video of the recent christening of the mv Eco Malta in Valletta, Dr. Eugenio Grimaldi presented commemorative plaques to the port authorities and guests present.

The Grimaldi Group, Naples is represented in Malta by Sullivan Maritime Limited. Should you require any further information please visit or call on +356 22995110.

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